Humorous gifts are so easy to give.  Humorous gifts are cheap and cheerful. But how do you find the right humorous gift? Just follow this simple guide to giving the perfect humorous gift!
Match the humorous gift to the gift recipient

What do you know about the person?  Are they a work colleague?  Do they have a hobby?  Think of a few words like their hobbies or work and use the search box at the top of the page.  It should provide a shortlist of humorous gifts.  It really is that simple!
CASE STUDY 1: A humorous gift for Jack

I was recently invited to a birthday lunch for my work colleague, Jack.  Although he sits near me, I really didn’t know him that well, so I thought a small, humorous gift might suit.  I did know though that he often took days off for fishing competitions or to go on fishing trips.  Entering “fish” and “work” into the search box on this website resulted in the perfect humorous gift for Jack.  It was a magnet that said “Work is for people who don’t know how to fish” and it was just $3.  I popped it inside a card and everyone had a chuckle when I gave this humorous gift to Jack at his lunch!   Best of all Jack loved it!

CASE STUDY 2:  Kylie’s humorous gift

Kylie was so hard to buy for – she had everything!  So I thought a humorous gift for her house warming might be perfect.  I knew the new house had a pool so I typed “pool” into the search box on  Success! A fun sign, “Please don't pee in our Pool. And we promise not to swim in your toilet.”   Kylie now proudly displays her humorous gift on the wall by the pool.  And her guests find it hilarious!

Laughter Australia has a great range of humorous gift ideas from fun signs to bumper stickers.  Find a humorous gift using the search box at the top of the page.